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It’s been my lifelong mission to inspire women to define and live by their own rules.

My Story

Training Young Women

Apprentices learning jewelry-making and entrepreneurship

I was born in Austria and raised in South Africa. After finishing school, I became a goldsmith and jewelry designer and started my own business at 23. For 19 years, I trained young women to become goldsmiths while at the same time teaching them the nitty-gritty of running a business. During those years, I discovered just how much I love mentoring women. Some of them went on to start their own successful businesses.

“Sofia was a fantastic teacher and I thoroughly enjoyed learning from her, working with her and having her as my boss.” Catherine Zehrt

Financial & Life Planning

After settling in San Diego, CA in 2002, I became a financial advisor, certified divorce planner, mediator, and coach for women going through a life transition.

I taught them how to manage their finances, navigate a divorce, and conquer their fears while going through their life transition.

“Sofia is an exceptional Financial Planner. I chose her to be both my financial advisor and coach, because she understands that one’s psychological point of view fundamentally influences one’s financial decisions and to a greater extent one’s quality of life as well.” Selwyna Tetancgo

Sofia Roper - financial planning

Business & Technology

Sofia teaching technology

In 2015, I moved to Oregon and built a business helping clients with their technology. I’m a big tech nerd and have been called ‘The Tech Whisperer’. (Ask me why)

I continued to mentor women on how to align their mental beliefs with practical strategies, paving the way for a business and lifestyle they love.

“Sofia is the best technology consultant I’ve ever hired. She is incredibly knowledgeable, efficient, kind, patient and simply a joy to work with! Not only is she an expert in the field of technology consulting, she is also a superb and professional business woman with phenomenal consulting acumen.” Katrina Lempenski

Work & Personal

Life has a funny way of teaching us, especially through the twists and turns of business and relationships. After facing some tough times, I found the strength to start fresh.

In my younger days, handling money wasn’t my forte. But when I started my own business, everything changed. I became a savings enthusiast, and after a chapter of change in my personal life, I embraced a simpler lifestyle, valuing experiences over possessions.

While I proudly serve as the Chief of Staff for a New York firm from my comfy Tennessee spot, I’m also passionate about empowering wonderful women to prosper. And when it comes to family, I’m close to my daughter and grandsons here, with my son and granddaughter in South Africa and loved ones in Austria. We’re quite the global tribe! 😊

Sofia and family

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