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Time Management Tool

Time Management Tool

One simple yet effective time management tool is a Priority Task Scheduler with a “Pomodoro Technique” timer. This tool can be especially beneficial if you tend to get overwhelmed with a lot of tasks or procrastinate. You can approach work with more focus and structure by prioritizing tasks and using the Pomodoro timer.

Priority Task Scheduler & Pomodoro Timer

    How to Use the Tool

    To effectively use the Priority Task Scheduler with the integrated Pomodoro Timer, start by typing the description of your task into the input box. Alongside the description, select its priority level, which could be High, Medium, or Low, and then provide an estimated time for completion in minutes. Once you’re done, click on the “Add Task” button.

    When you’re ready to work on the task, click “Start” to initiate a focused 25-minute work session. If you need a brief pause during your session, hit the “Pause” button and press “Start” again to continue. Should you wish to restart the session, click “Reset”. For tasks that you’ve added to your list, you can initiate their specific timer by clicking “Start Timer” right next to the task. After each 25-minute work session, it’s recommended to take a 5-minute break. However, once you’ve completed four consecutive sessions, treat yourself to a more extended 15-minute break to rejuvenate.

    For instance, if you’re working on a report, you can break it into sections, input “Write report section 1”, set its priority to “High”, estimate “25” minutes, and then click “Add Task”. Once added, you can initiate the timer and work in focused bursts, ensuring better productivity.

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